At CNBN, we place the most value by our clients’ opinions of our work. Please don’t hesitate to ask to talk with them personally.
While rarely our objective, our work is also often also recognized by others.

Media Highlights

Fortune Magazine
LA Times
USA Today
White House Bulletin
Harvard Business Review
Most major US media outlets

#CleanEnergyU: top trending with every dialogue, incl. White House


President Clinton’s congratulations to our first three CN pioneers (Interface, Shaklee, Lennox Hotel)

Clients’ numerous leadership awards e.g. Shaklee’s EPA Climate Leader Awards, 2000

Chevrolet Campus Clean Energy Campaign recognition from EPA 2015 Partnership awards to Environmental Leader Project of the Year

Sue Hall: Business Woman of the Year, 2003

Invitations to the White House “Act on Climate” Roundtables, 2015

Client and Stakeholder Quotes

"Empowering Sue Hall to manage their stakeholder dialogue process was central to Chevy’s success. It takes a leader to pull the people together in this way."

Recognition for Chevy’s Campus Clean Energy Campaign

At CNBN, we place the most value by our stakeholders’ opinions.

Media Highlights

Features in most major US media outlets
Tens of millions of media impressions
Leading stakeholders authored articles
Academic journal publication
#CleanEnergyU with 30m social impressions
Chevy Environmental Advisors' Reflections
Chevy Campus Leaders' Impressions


EPA Stakeholder Partnership of the Year 2015

Environmental Leader: Project of the Year 2015

Invitations to the White House
“Businesses Act on Climate” and “Campuses Act on Climate” Roundtables, 2015

#CleanEnergyU: top trending with every dialogue, incl. White House