Innovative Marketing/Communication Results: For Chevrolet CRI and #CleanEnergyU

Chevrolet Brand Value

chevy logo


  • Increase Chevy’s brand value
  • Change perception of the brand


  • Secured Chevy’s first Interbrand Green Brand rating by 2014
  • Successfully repositioned the brand according to stakeholders
  • Stakeholder perceptions shifted from “dinosaur”, “old school manufacturer” to “transformative leader … alongside Google on steps of the White House”.

CleanEnergyU Millennial Engagement

clean energy U


  • Pioneer Chevy’s Carbon Reduction Initiative’ social media campaign to effectively engage young target market


  • Convened #CleanEnergyU social media conversation, co-designed by student leaders
  • Gained 30m social hits in just three 2015 dialogues, all top trending on twitter
  • Opens new virtual conversation w/student & clean energy leaders
  • Invited by White House to introduce Campuses Act on Climate Roundtable, Nov 2015

Campus Clean Energy Campaign: “repositioned the brand successfully”

Collaborative Stakeholder Learning: Central to CNBN’s Chevrolet Engagement

CNBN’s stakeholder advisory process perceived as “core bedrock” for Chevy CRI

Chevy CRI Environmental Advisors

Mark Kenber, CEO Climate Group
Prof. Bob Wilkinson, UCSB
Janet Peace, VP, C2ES
Prof. Eban Goodstein, Bard College
Snehal Desai, Global Biz Director,
Dow Water & Process Solutions
Bob Sheppard, formerly Clean Air Cool Planet
Andy Stevenson, formerly NRDC, Citadel Capital

Chevy CRI Partners

Including other stakeholders such as:
Student clean energy leaders
#CleanEnergyU dialogue leaders from
business, non profit, students, gov’t civic, academia
Non profit environmental groups
Cities, mayors, state, federal leaders
Green building/architect/designers

CNBN Stakeholder Learning Process: Fundamental to Chevy’s Collaborative Innovation

“Radical collaboration is what’s needed now. The world is made up of folks who know far more than you – and their contributions together add up to far more reach and impact than any company could achieve on its own.”

#CleanEnergyU Workshop at Climate Week

Climate Group
Second Nature
Andrew Winston (Green to Gold)
Bard College
NYC Sustainability Office
Sierra Club
Student leaders – BU, Yale, American University