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Climate Neutral Business Network seeks to maximize the value of climate neutral leadership – for companies, their customers, our communities and the climate.

Carbon Advantage: Fortune 50 Clients' Business Case Results

CNBN pioneers carbon innovations with Fortune 50 clients to deliver measurable business advantage.

CNBN frames strategic objectives/stakeholder engagement process to maximize carbon and competitive gains

  • NatureWorks
  • Cool Carpet
  • #CleanEnergyU
  • Carbon Reduction Initiative
  • Climate Cool Driving
  • CN Envelop Services
  • BioProducts Woodstalk
  • Interface Climate Cool Fuel Card
  • Carbon Project Innovation/Revenues

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A Little About Us

Climate Neutral Business Network (CNBN) brings unparalleled experience to deliver measurable competitive advantage for clients from their climate leadership. Our clients have forged some of the most creative and compelling carbon innovations – spanning the US’s first ever carbon neutral introductions in 2000 to Chevrolet’s recent $40m 8m ton carbon investment strategy -- which other leading companies now seek to emulate.
All our work is founded upon some of the most diverse stakeholder innovation dialogues, which creatively explore how leading companies, non-profits, campuses, faith networks, cities, green building and other stakeholders can most powerfully deliver on the demanding challenges they have established for themselves. Our ground-breaking #CleanEnergyU virtual dialogue, for example, was repeatedly top trending in 2015.

The leadership of CNBN’s founder and CEO, Sue Hall, has been widely recognized. Together, our partners demonstrate that innovative climate leadership can deliver remarkable value – for companies, their customers, our communities and the climate.

Sue Hall

“Sue Hall … the hub of a powerful network” (Fortune)"

Harvard Business School MBA Baker Scholar (1991) and Charles Williams Research Fellow (1991-93)
Business Woman of Year 2003
Leadership recognized by two White House Presidents
Cambridge MA Cantab (1982)

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