CNBN In-Depth Client Profile: EV Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC)

New EVCCC Coalition Unlocks Carbon Capital Markets to Accelerate EV Charging Infrastructure Investment

EV Charging Carbon Coalition announces breakthrough innovation which opens up access to the carbon capital markets creating further 5-10% return on capital for EV charging infrastructure investors

EVCCC’s Pioneering Leadership

EVCCC Mission and Founding Partners

The EVCCC seeks to open up access to the carbon capital markets for EV charging systems in order to strengthen their business case fundamentals and accelerate deployment. Beyond GM’s business case development, founding members include:

  • Electrify America LLC
  • Exelon
  • EVgo Services LLC
  • Siemens
  • Connecticut Green Bank
  • Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (including Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Palo Alto, NYC, Minneapolis, Vancouver BC, Sydney, Adelaide, AU)