Innovative Carbon Marketing Platforms: To Restructure Markets Worldwide

Designed and introduced carbon neutral (CN) innovations to US marketplace
carbon neutrality went viral, globally -- due to our pioneering clients’ repeated marketing successes
Pioneered with leading US NGO’s first ever certification process for carbon credits and carbon neutral product/enterprises in 2000 -- from whose foundations VCS and other third party certification systems were later formed

Introduced first CN products/companies in 2000 e.g. Interface Cool Carpet, BP CN fuel card, Delta CN air travel, 2002 Olympic Games, Dave Matthews Band etc


Their business success drove CN innovation/expansion world wide e.g. airline travel, sports events, universities (e.g. ACUPCC), cities etc

Carbon Market Innovations: Defining Carbon Market Leadership

Created ground-breaking carbon methodologies with Giant Eagle and Chevrolet to accelerate clean energy efficiency, low carbon practices spanning public and private sectors – by opening access to new sources of carbon capital to transform leaders’ return on investment

Giant Eagle

Clean Tech Refrigeration

giant eagle


  • Secure credit revenues from pioneering methodology/projects
  • supporting low HCFC clean tech refrigeration


  • Sold certified VCS credits making significant contribution to clean tech RoI, based on pioneering new methodology (VCS’s first)

Pioneered first ever US carbon performance methodology in energy efficiency domain with Chevrolet and a dozen leading universities – hailed as a “once in a decade achievement” as campuses access new source of capital to accelerate clean energy performances


Campus Clean Energy Campaign


  • Accelerate US energy markets beyond Chevy’s supply chain towards more efficient practices -- as foundation for EV autos’ lower carbon performance
  • Pioneer energy efficiency carbon credit projects in US voluntary market
  • Open doors for universities to access new carbon capital – beyond Chevy’s – to drive US energy efficiency practices


  • Reinvented the paradigm through which companies’ gain carbon advantage – beyond ops/supply chains to focus on key market sectors where companies have only indirect influence
  • $m’s directed to dozen new campus Chevy clean energy efficiency projects
  • New carbon funding sources already engaging -- to expand campus impact and capital sources beyond Chevy
  • Carbon capital contributes 5-25% to return on incremental capital

Driving US Policy Leadership

CNBN collaborated with leading companies and Senator Cantwell’s office to tailor designs for cap/trade systems which would successfully integrate energy efficiency into proposed legislation

Alt Text

  • Introduced “downstream credits” into national cap/trade design
  • Collaboration between leading companies and stakeholders with GM, Goodyear, GSL, Pew Center for Climate Change etc
  • Ensures carbon cap/trade design channels carbon funding towards US energy efficiency innovation – rather than driving it off shore
  • Cap designs currently mis-apply capital away from domestic centers of energy innovation/investment located downstream of utilities
  • Sen. Cantwell’s integrated downstream credits into her Senate bill proposal in 2008
    Downstream credits then formed the basis for recent discussions in NY State designed to achieve similar objective under RGGI cap/trade

Pushing Frontiers of International Leadership

CNBN pioneered the first ever Jewish/Muslim/Christian collaborative carbon credit project, located in the Middle East, bringing conflicted communities together

  • Selective development of international credit projects focused solely on those which pioneer collaborations previously thought unattainable
  • Created first ever Jewish/Muslim/Christian collaborative carbon credit project, located in the Middle East, bringing conflicted communities together
  • Bedouin Arab community solar panel project pioneered by Jewish Israeli company, using funding provided by Christian Canadian foundation, NE Taylor
  • Solar panels replace old diesel generators

Pushing Frontiers of International Leadership With Reebok

Pioneered carbon credit projects in remote, challenging NW Pakistan terrain – delivering human rights benefits central to Reebok brand identity


  • Build credit projects delivering human rights benefits -- central to Reebok’s brand
  • Deliver projects in regions allied with international manufacturing base – even if this is challenging terrain



  • Reebok identified ground-breaking ways to both create the first carbon offset projects ever developed in Pakistan, partnering with the Aga Khan Development Network
  • Reduced GHG emissions via community-based fuel efficient technologies installed in the remote NW frontier region
  • Simultaneously delivered ground-breaking human rights benefits to local women, an investment central to Reebok’s leadership and brand equity

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