A Clean Energy Future: The Road Ahead?

chevy logoChevy’s Campus Clean Energy Campaign legacy is already multiplying ...chevy logo

“The litmus test of any company’s program is its legacy and what that legacy can continue to deliver beyond the company’s engagement itself.”

Second Nature

Expands Chevy’s Campus
Clean Energy Campaign to:
new credit purchasers
new campuses’ projects

LEED Multi-Sector Methodology

Expands credits beyond campuses to all top performing LEED buildings

EV Chargins Station Methodology

GM to co-fund new methodology to accelerate EV charging station infrastructure

Corporate Campus Innovation Dialog

White House encouraging CNBN to form next multi-company multi-campus innovation dialogue – to accelerate momentum towards ambitious shared CN/RE100 goals

Second Nature Takes Chevy Legacy Forward: Expanding Sales of Campus Credits to New Buyers

CNBN forged a strategic partnership with Second Nature to take Chevy's legacy forward — Empowering even more universities to access carbon capital to accelerate their clean energy performance

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  • Second Nature taking Chevy’s legacy forward
  • Seller agent for Chevy campus credits 2015 +
  • Engaging more US campuses to certify projects, expand credits
  • Serious purchaser interest from many companies – and campuses
  • Only available US EE credits
  • Highly strategic purchase for energy-based companies
  • Brand value already demonstrated

LEED Multi-Sector Methodology: Expanding LEED credits beyond campuses

CNBN convening GM-initiated coalition to expand LEED building access to carbon capital market

General Motors - Clean Energy Road Ahead


  • Opened the door with Chevrolet for campus LEED buildings to sell carbon credits which was hailed as a “once in a decade achievement”.
  • USGBC partnered to build carbon methodology to create new incentives to drive LEED buildings to perform to full potential.
  • Strategic contribution from carbon revenues: 5-25% incremental capital needed for top 50% LEED performance.

Road Ahead

  • Coalition therefore now forming to extend campus LEED methodology to all other US/international LEED sectors
  • USGBC sharing performance data for other LEED sectors to emulate campuses
  • Simple process to expand VCS methodology to secure similar incentives all top performing LEED buildings, US and internationally
  • GM supporting this methodology extension collaboratively with other leaders

EV Charging Station Methodology: new carbon capital to mainstream EV infrastructure/RE storage

With GM and core partners, CNBN will again pioneer access to carbon capital markets to accelerate installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

“How does CRI link to the knotty problem of transport emissions … could there be a 2030 vision for zero emissions vehicles?” Mark Kenber, CEO Climate Group
Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, during White House 2015 Businesses Act on Climate pledges to mainstream electric vehicles via collaborative stakeholder partnerships
  • GM seed funding next new carbon methodology to secure new capital source to accelerate EV charging infrastructure = RE decentralized storage
  • Inviting coalition of partners/companies to join up-front
  • Compelling biz case: carbon revenues  5-25% contribution for clean tech
  • Proven need e.g. Southern Oregon University
  • Demonstrated benefit: workplace charging installations increases EV purchase by 20%

Rob Threlkeld, GM:
“We’re inviting other innovative, like-minded companies to join us – whether they’re competitors or not”

From Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot:
“That’s the definition of radical collaboration – the kind where unexpected partners work together to transform industries and solve systemic, shared problems.”

A Clean Energy Future: The Road Ahead?

What if we asked the White House...

“… we convened an open, deep collaborative learning process like Chevrolet’s to identify the most disruptive, creative ways to accelerate our collective progress towards the stretch 2050 goals that companies and colleges already share?”

Corporate/Campus Innovation Dialogue

White House encouraging CNBN to form next multi-company multi-campus innovation dialogue – to accelerate momentum towards ambitious shared CN/RE100 goals

  • White House pledge companies and campuses share common stretch goals necessary to deliver on 2050’s max 2 degree rise goal: CN, RE100, decarbonization
  • Campuses have the highest sector-wide commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Companies making White House Businesses Act on Climate Pledge are the US pioneers eg. Google, Apple, GM, Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs etc
  • Innovation dialogue objectives to intensify momentum post Paris COP21
    1. Accelerate cross sector leading edge practice adoption
    2. ID/invest in disruptive technology/innovations